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Please contact us if you require a Notary Public to:

  1.    Administer oaths and affirmations on affidavits and statutory declarations;

  2.     Witness and authenticate the execution of certain classes of documents such as letters of invitation for foreign travel, authorization of minor child travel, execution/authentications of international documents, passport application documentation, proof of identity for travel purposes;

•    Verify your identity; or

•    Certify copies of original documents.

To notarize your documents, we will require you to present a government issued, photo identification that is current and valid.  Driver’s Licences, B.C. Identification cards, Permanent Resident Cards or Passports are acceptable.

Although you can drop-in to see us during normal business hours, we recommend that you book an appointment in advance, to ensure that you will be served with priority.

Phone: 604.730.7865


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